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Armor Technology


Cherub Armor

Bulletproof Laptop Accessory

10 times safer than any Bulletproof Backpack

Over 10 different configurations to switch between in a matter of seconds

On its own, it is proven over 100% Energy Reduction (compared to competition)

With laptop, it's proven 900% Energy Reduction (compared to competition)

Statistics compared to back-face signature test



MITgel Gel Trauma Pad

75% Ballistic Kinetic-Energy Reduction

Proprietary Gel Formula


Neutrally Buoyant

Made in the USA





Atek Defense Elite Armor Shield

Ultra-High Molecular-Weight Poly-Ethylene

Stab resistant up to 24 Joules

Impervious to water, UV light & environment

Features Protek™ Technology with Graphene Microfibers

7 Year Armor Warranty

0.05% Probability of Penetration

Up to 20% less Back Face Signature (BFS)

Made in the USA



How do I use Cherub Armor?

You velcro it to your laptop or put it in your backpack.  If a threat arises you can throw on your backpack or use the  straps to use it as a half vest.  Always point the strike face (Cherub Armor logo)  towards the threat and keep the velcro or laptop side toward your body.

Why do you say that Cherub Armor is the safest armor in the world?

We test Cherub Armor against  the .44 Magnum since it is the most powerful handgun that the National Institute of Justice uses to certify Level 3A body armor.  All other competitors will show you a 9mm lab test with a signature of 30-44 millimeters which is more than enough to kill.  We feel that if a child can walk away from taking a direct hit from a .44 Magnum, then we have done our job.  

Q.  Does Cherub Armor stop AR-15 (5.56mm) rounds?

Cherub Armor protects against threats up to .44 Magnum and including 9mm,  10mm, .40 cal, .45, 357 Mag, and .22lr.

Do you ship internationally?


Can I fly with Cherub Armor?

Yes! Cherub Armor is FAA and TSA approved.

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