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Armor Tests

Need Proof that this works? See how Cherub Armor Stacks up against the competition 

Cherub Armor vs. Competition

Part 1

Single .44 Magnum from 16 feet

Blunt-Force-Trauma Test

Cherub Armor Vs. Competition  

Part 2

Single .44 Magnum from 16 feet

Blunt-Force-Trauma Test

Proof of Concept - AR15 (5.56mm)

Proof of Concept - .44 Magnum

Ballistics Lab Certification

What is great about the Cherub Armor results?

No rounds got through the armor or laptop

It was a 9"x11" rectangle

The 44 Mag rounds were increased with gunpowder to make the armor fail

The back face signature changed only 4 mm

15mm to 19mm is 100+% better than any NIJ 3A armor on the market.

We always strive for the best and will never settle for average results
when it comes to safety.

Cherub Armor equipped Dell E5540 Laptop

Back Face Signature of .44 Magnum = 17mm average


Cherub Armor Standalone

Back Face Signature of .44 Magnum = 28mm average


*Note:  Cherub Armor is licensed by Moor Innovative Technologies


Cherub Armor V50 Test

Probability of Penetration = 0.00

44 MAG_V50 and V05_results and regressio
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