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About Cherub Armor


"I absolutely refuse to accept mediocre results when it comes down to personal safety.  We deserve to have the best protection that modern technology can provide."

-John Wright

Is Bulletproof a Lie?

Blunt Force Trauma

Modern NIJ IIIA certified armor easily, "catches", many different caliber and quantities of handgun bullets in a single panel. Getting shot once while wearing body armor can be fatal, even if it is rated: NIJ IIIA "PASS"

Until now it came down to luck because an invisible shock wave rips into the body and wrecks everything. This is called Blunt Force Trauma.  Measuring the kinetic energy shock-wave against wet clay is the best scientific method to calculate a "bulletproof" armor product's safety-factor.

Before buying armor, ask to see the Back-Face Signature/Deformation Ballistics-Lab Test Results. This is the true test of body armor safety.

 AFTER body armor "catches" any bullet the person has to deal with an invisible kinetic-energy shock wave.

 It disables by punching like a sledgehammer through body-armor and into the human-body.  It breaks bones, ruptures organs, internal/external bleeding, traumatic brain injury (body armor hit), and death.  30- millimeters of BFT to an adult in the torso can kill. "Bullet Proof" Backpack & Insert products on the market we have tested show 40+/- millimeters of Back-Face-Signature.  

Cherub Armor only uses the world's safest body armor technology. After exhaustive due-diligent R&D only MITgel armor by Moor Innovative Technologies demonstrated the high-degree of safety-performance our Cherub Armor for kids demanded.   Safety Networks - Cherub Armor ballistic lab certifications are proudly displayed as they are the best we have ever seen. 15 mm low/19 mm high from .44 Magnum @ 16 feet. Zero penetration. 

The Solution

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